Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Travel Subsidies for GG Toronto 2012

We are looking forward to seeing people from all across Canada. We understand that there may be constrictions to travelling from a distance and therefore the Gaia Gathering has set up a travel fund to help subsidize travel expenses with preferences is given from participants coming from the north or remote areas and to those traveling furthest to get the conference.
If you wish to contribute some funds to the travel subsidy fund, please indicate it on the registration form. Even a couple of extra dollars will go far in assisting someone from far away to attend the conference, and this will make this truly a national event.
To apply for the travel subsidy, we will need (you can put this into an email):
1. A written request for travel assistance, including where you are from.
2. An explanation for your need.
3. How you will be helping the conference by attending (panel presenter, presenting a paper in the academic/scholar stream, etc.).
4. How your local community, clan, grove etc. will benefit from you attending Gaia Gathering.
5. A written budget outlining costs to attend the conference. (Subsidies range from 100 - 300 dollars depending on the number of applicants for the conference year)
When you apply does count. Deadline for applications is March 20th of the conference year.
Decisions for awarding subsidy to applications will be made by end of the month.
For more information, or to send in our application for travel subsidy, please contact us at

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