Thursday, June 18, 2009

Write-ups of conference panels and activities

It was great to meet some new faces and to see so many people again last month. Lots of great discussions--during the panels, during dinner, in the evenings over wine...

At the conference a few people said they'd like to see summaries of some of the sessions or handouts from presenters made available on the website. I think that is a fabulous idea and I'm willing to do coordination to make that happen. But I need help. So...

1) If you attended a session (or sessions) and want to write about it/them, email me at ravenka(at)cosmic-muse(dot)com and let me know. I'll take short synopses, personal revelations/reviews, and complete blow-by-blow accounts. Whatever you want to send, I'll consider.

2) If you were on a panel and gave handouts and are willing to have these included in our 'proceedings'/summary, please send them to me.

3) If you took pictures and don't mind them being published (and can get permissions/releases from everyone in the pictures), let me know as well.

4) I'm especially interested in reviews and accounts of our key presentations: Kerr Cuhulain, Andrew Burton, and the documentary "I'm a Witch So What?"

This initiative can only happen if folks send me stuff. I know it's been almost a month and our memories may be foggy, but send me what you can. For next conference, maybe we can try to have conference reporters set up ahead of time.

Note: This is a separate project from the proceedings from the academic stream, which I believe the Board of Directors is still working on. That does not mean that you can't write about the academic presentations, it's juts not the 'official proceedings' of the academic component of the conference.


Sneak Preview of Canadian Documentary on Wicca

How many times do you get an opportunity to be involved in making a documentary about your beliefs, at least in name only? While I am not a Wicca, this was a very very special presentation that I hope we provided her enough honour by attending to her offer to let us see her work, and her work in progress. She was very amenible to feedback from us as well.

Arwen Hunter presented a film documentary about Wicca attempting to show rather than tell a balanced view of what Wicca is, respecting that Wiccans would like to be able to have some say in the definition and message of that. Her choice of images and sound bites in from a variety of talking heads worked well, showing that there is diversity and divergence as well as similarity and convergence.

Her work was, in my not so humble opinion, one of the best documentary works about Wicca I have seen to date....and the exciting part is that it was not finished yet. While she was at the conference, she gave us the opportunity to add our voices and imput to her film. I know afterwards, she asked for some imput, and some of the people attending provided film and interview commentary to add to it. The discussion we had of the film was cozy and intimate, with the majority of us it seemed were pleased with it. Thank you Sam, for suggesting we add this lady and her work to the conference agenda.

This was just one of the many fabulous things that happened at the conference.

So, if you knowledge of exciting projects or artists on the cutting edge, or theatre work or what have you like this, feel free to to make a suggestion to the Guelph committee, or the Board of Directors. This is how exciting programming happens....organically from you. We invite your input, as we respectfully know that the show is about all of us, not just what we think it should be.

I would like to thank Bythor, Sam, Amanda, and Lucie for working so hard on this conference. We had the privilege of hosting an outstandingly high quality group of conference participants. Thanks so much for allowing me the privilege of being a part of this.

Charlene /\