Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Academic Stream : Revised Deadline for Papers

The deadline for submitting an academic paper to the academic stream for peer review has been revised to April 1st. Thanks to everyone who has already submitted a paper so far.

The call for academic papers can be found on our website. Please remember that you don't need to be affiliated with a university of post-secondary institution to submit to the academic stream, and we encourage "armchair", amateur or retired academics. If you have a good 'meaty' or scholarly topic that you'd like to present at the conference, write up a quick 250-word summary and send it along to us!

Also, if you know any Pagan academics or academics that study Paganism, please forward the call to them! We're finding that even though our Call for Papers has gone out to over 400 department heads and department secretaries across the country, the information isn't always filtering down to professors and students. Help us spread the word!

Finally, if you are an a Pagan academic or academic studying Paganism, please join our "Call for Papers" mailing list so that you don't miss future calls for papers or reminders about deadlines. You can signup here.

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