Sunday, May 1, 2011

Academic /Scholars' Stream Presentations

Well, the jury of academic peer reviewers has met and officially selected nine academic papers for presentation at Gaia Gathering 2011. Here are the titles. For the complete abstracts, click here to download the pdf. Congratulations! We look forward to the presentations.

Saturday Presentations

Invoking the Sacred and the Silent: Language and Meaning in the Elementary Art Classroom
Pattie Chambers, Doctoral Student
Montreal Concordia University, Department of Art Education
Resident of Montreal, Quebec

Sidereal Astrology and Festival Dates
Sarah Wibberley, BSc,
Novice Pathwalker (Avalon Druid Order)
Resident of Kanata, Ontario

Text A: Liturgy or Literature
Lisa Crandall, Masters Student
University of Ottawa, Department of Religious Studies
Resident of Iroquois, Ontario

The Changing Image of God: A Study of the Goddess Movement
Delores LaPratt, Ph. D. student
Montreal Concordia University, Department of Religion
Resident of Montreal, Quebec

Attachment to God: A Comparison of State of Mind Using the Adult Attachment Interview About Parents and God
Stéphanie Marchal, M.A., Psy.D., Doctor in Clinical Psychology
California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, USA (Graduated December 2010)
Resident of Montreal, Quebec

Revisiting ‘Shamanism’
Jarrod Hyam, PhD Candidate
University of Calgary, Department of Religious Studies
Resident of Balzac, Alberta

Sunday Presentations

Semiotic Epistemology: Human Communication Repaired

Jason Poettcker, Bachelors Student
University of Victoria, Departments of Philosophy and of History
Resident of Victoria, British Columbia

D’une langue genrée à une liturgie ambiguë : l’expérience queer néo-païenne
Martin Lepage, Étudiant au doctorat
Université du Québec à Montréal, departement de sciences des religions

Paganism and the Aftermath of the Quiet Revolution
Marisol Charbonneau, Masters Graduate
University of Ottawa, Department of Religious Studies
Resident of Montreal, Quebec

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