Friday, April 8, 2011

GG2011 Workshops

We're very excited to be offering four workshops at Gaia Gathering in Montreal. Workshops are a new addition to the conference Previous conference have focussed exclusively on sharing our collective knowledge through panels and roundtables.

The Niagara Voodoo Shrine (Ontario)
Probably the most misunderstood of spiritual paths, even by the pagans who enjoy and interact with in it. What is voodoo, where does it come from, why is there Catholic iconography in it? All these questions plus many more will be answered, as well as accouterments of the practice on display and explained. The best way to understand something is to smell it, taste it and feel it. This workshop will also have an interactive working with in it, with drum calls and song that are part of the way to call the spirits of the tradition.

Herbal Myths, Legends and Magickal Lore
Amy-Lou Taylor (Ontario)
Have you ever wondered why an Herb has its particular name, why it is used in a certain way and how it came to be used in magick? Well, every name has a story and so do a lot of the Herbs. Herbs have been used in magick and medicine in every culture for centuries and often in different ways. This rich folklore and history is where the herbal myths, legends and magickal lore come from. Join Amy for an insightful discussion and more than a few good stories about how Herbs came to be the unsung heroes of our culture and are a part of our magick in everyday life. Handouts and possibly (time and weather permitting) an herb walk as well.

The Eight Paths of Power
Sable (British Columbia)
Also known as the "Eightfold Way," are a series of 8 different techniques used in Wicca to perform magick. As detailed in Gerald Gardner's Book of Shadows, they are: Meditation or Concentration (Called for short, "Intent."), Trance; projection of the Astral; Rites, Chants, Spells, Runes, Charms, etc.; Incense, Drugs, Wine, etc. "Intoxicants"; The Dance, and kindred practices; Blood Control (the Cords), Breath Control, and kindred practices; The Scourge; and The Great Rite.

Myth and Magic of the Spoken Word
Hobbes (Montreal)
Join Hobbes, storyteller and bard, as he explores the role that story and myth plays in spiritual development. Are myths pure entertainment, or do they contain the unspeakable truths that can only be experience through the fantastic? As practical, real-world people, how do we come to terms with building relationships with mythic creatures and deities that most people regard as fantasy and fictional. Is there a middle ground, and if so, how do we secure our foothold in it?
Hobbes will explore the role that myth plays in our community, our identity, and how it helps us understand the mysteries of the Divine. He may even regale you with a tale or two!

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