Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pre-registration, accommodation and vending

Some Q&A from recent discussions on the yahoogroup:

When can we register for the event and book accomodations?
We will be accepting registrations starting in November. There is a block of rooms pre-booked at the University of British Columbia. In addition to single room, several suites as well as wheelchair accessible rooms have also been reserved for our use in the same residence. The organizing committee will be grabbing one suite and setting up the "hospitality" there. Click here to book online directly with the University

Will vending be allowed and if so what restrictions might exist?
One of the three smaller meeting rooms across the hall from the main meeting room and beside the two other small meeting rooms will be reserved for venders. It'll be locked at night and unlocked in the morning so you'll be able to leave stuff out overnight. Nothing illegal, stinky, or really really big will be permitted. Details on the number of tables and costs will be posted soon. You can expect a regular sized table.

Sam Wagar
Chair, Vancouver in '09 Committee
Canadian National Pagan Conference

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