Monday, October 25, 2010

Montreal's Gaia's Bardic a Success!

This past Saturday night, Atwater Library was host to an evening of music, storytelling, and more than a few surprises! If you missed it, you really denied yourself a rare treat. You shouldn't deny yourself such pleasures... you deserve better!

We had over 50 people in the audience that night, and thanks to their generosity and mathematical formulas that I've never been very good at, we raised over $600 for the Gaia Gathering conference. Amazing!
As with all pagan events, we started the evening about 15 minutes late (logistics and waiting for certain people), but once we got going, we found it difficult to stop! The evening's entertainment included:
All the performances were amazing and the audience were very appreciative and responsive.

As for surprises, well here's one that caught everyone by surprise. One of the performers couldn't make it that night, so when we were approached by Kanaska offering to sing a couple of songs, we found room in the evening for her.

She. was. amazing. The beautiful passion and raw power that came from this woman and her guitar floored the room. After each song, the audience went crazy with applause and cheers. She added something to that evening that we were hoping for, but not to that degree: magic.

From that evening, we already have 4 people signed up for the conference and many more people interested in finding out more about it. It was a great kick-off event to lead into and help promote the Montreal edition of Gaia Gathering.

Scarlet recorded a few of the performances and posted them on her YouTube channel, so have a look. Gaia Gathering has it's own YouTube channel, so you can check that out too.

 The next big event for Gaia Gathering is the Slave/Product auction to take place the first weekend of December. Stay tuned for more information about it!

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