Friday, April 24, 2009

GG Sneak Previews New Documentary

Documentaries on contemporary Paganism are few and far between. Canadian ones are even more rare. So we're delighted to have been given the opportunity to offer an advance screening of a documentary on Wicca from Victoria-based Gamut productions. The screening will be followed by a panel and Q&A period with the film-maker.

I’m a Witch, So What?
Saturday Evening

Today, the number of people practicing witchcraft is increasing more than any other non-immigrant based religion. Why Wicca? Why now? I’m a Witch, So What? is a critical look at a religion generally considered to be without doctrine and spiritual over-authority. One of its only rules is that everyone is free to carry out their (own) personal exploration as long as they 'harm none.'

During a time of rising global awareness, the witch returns in a new form after years of being misunderstood, coming forth to share common goals with many other open religions as they seek a broader understanding of the direction of our planet. The witch remains a vital part of human progress, emerging in this documentary with a voice that challenges preconceived notions of the past.

This documentary looks at contemporary Wicca with a variety of perspectives, interviews and a quick review of some myths. Made in Victoria (Gamut Productions) earlier this year, Arwen Hunter, the film-maker, will be available to answer questions and discuss the film.

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