Monday, February 2, 2009

Travel Subsidies

Coming from accross the country and wondering how you can afford to travel to Gaia Gatheirng this year?

Each year, we provide travel subsidy assistance to encourage participation of Pagans from across this country. This year, attendees would be eligible from Ontario, Quebec and East, and from the far north (the territories). The subsidy is made possible through the generous voluntary donations of conference participants and donors.

If you'd like to apply for the subsidy, please forward us a written request, either by email or with yyour conference registration. Please include in the request:

  1. Where you are from.
  2. An explanation for your need.
  3. How you will be helping the conference by attending (ie, panel member, presenting a paper in the academic/scholar stream, volunteering on-site, etc)
  4. A wriitten budget outlining costs to attend the conference, and outlining what contribution you are requesting
Most travel subsidies are paid out at the end of the conference, although you will be informed that you will be receiving a travel subsidy, and how much you will receive, prior to the conference. In some cases the CNPC may pre-pay some costs.

When you apply does count. Deadline for applications will be March 21, 2009. Decisions for awarding subsidy to applications will be made by end of March, 2009.

If you want more information, or to send in our application for travel subsidy, please contact us at info(at)

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